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Giving a Lift and Added Color to Your Eyes to Make Them Stand Out

When you look in the mirror and see long eyelashes, it often enhances the way that you feel about your appearance. If you don’t have naturally long lashes or you want to enhance your lashes for a special occasion, then consider eyelash tinting in Charleston, SC. The process is rather simple and gives you the color and volume that you desire for at least a short time.

Basic Details

Think of eyelash tinting in Charleston, SC, as a way of dyeing your lashes. It adds beautiful color to bring out your natural color. You can also get another color during the tinting process that brings out features like your eyes or your hair. You won’t need to use mascara because the tint offers a similar impact. You’ll sit in a chair while the dye is applied. After about 10 minutes, you’ll have a new lash look.

Lasting Results

A benefit of tinting is that the results only last for a few weeks. This means that you can change the color of your lashes as often as you want depending on the occasion or if you want to see how different colors would look. The length of time the tint will last depends on how often your face is washed and how often you touch or rub your eyes. Water and oil-based products tend to make the tint fade faster over time compared to gently wiping your eyes with a cloth to clean them.


The overall appearance of the tint sometimes depends on the natural color of your lashes. You’ll notice a brighter shade on lighter lashes than you would on those that are darker. If you have dark lashes, then the tint will usually make them appear longer and fuller with a subtle brightness added in for enhanced color.

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